2019 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Audrey Whitman, Vice President

Meet Audrey Whitman, vice president of the GlamourGals of Tiffin chapter and our final Glammy Finalist Blog Series feature. Read on to learn about how GlamourGals has made a big impact on a small town and hear about one of Audrey’s favorite memories celebrating their chapter’s two year anniversary with residents.

Vice President Audrey Whitman 1.jpeg

Why is GlamourGals important to you and your community?

From manicures to makeovers, the work we as volunteers do not only affects the residents but us volunteers as well. It opens us volunteers up to new people and experiences, and [it] helps develop us as people. Living in a small community helps us as volunteers spread the ideals within GlamourGals. Our chapter has spent a lot of time going to different nursing homes in our town and also in surrounding towns. With this diverse population of residents we work with, our efforts affect more people and help end elderly isolation. Seeing and working with a [variety] of residents creates a larger impact on us volunteers. Spreading our thoughts and work with a larger audience makes you more grateful for the work you do and makes it much more personal.

Can you describe one event where you went above and beyond the responsibilities of your role?

Our biggest event within our Tiffin chapter was our two year anniversary makeover. When planning this event, [chapter president] Nicole and I discussed many ways we could thank our residents for providing us the opportunities they have. Because our anniversary was in the summer, we created a warm, sunny, summer gathering for our residents and the workers at St. Francis. We decorated the room with streamers, balloons, loads of pink, and special treats for our guests.

My personal favorite part of the party was the decorated cookies I made for the residents. When passing out these cookies, many residents would ask, “Well, thank you, but what do I owe you?” Hearing this from the residents always came as a shock to me. When we do these things for our residents, whether it’s bringing in a treat or taking them a special craft to their room, the thought of them “owing” us has never come across my head. That’s when I truly learned the impact that Glamour Gals has on our residents. Doing simple tasks for someone who may not get visitors has such a large impact on their life. Glamour Gals creates such amazing opportunities not only for the volunteers but more so for the residents within these nursing homes. The job as a Glamour Gals leader isn’t about the crafts you make or the cookies you decorate, but rather about the personal experience and time you give these residents who aren’t often given that chance.

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