Art and the Elderly

"I had a wonderful experience related to GlamourGals that I wanted to share. One of my favorite residents at the assisted living we volunteer at, collaborated with me on a project at my University. The art piece was for my Introductory Painting Class with Professor Benjamin Rinehart. The piece was for my final project. The objective was to create an acrylic painting using idealized color. My conceptual thought process involved thinking about populations that are not commonly idealized in the media and in society. I was also inspired by Andy Warhol's "pop-art" style. I solidified my idea using the elderly population, and in particular Donna. I chose to pick a resident from Brewster Village because I am familiar with the facility through volunteering (Chapter President of GlamourGals). I wanted to break down the societal view that the elderly are usually completely ignored in terms of media and advertisement and if they are portrayed, it's usually as weak.

Therefore, I worked hard to portray Donna as the beautiful, happy, and strong woman she is.

I used a pop-art style portrait with bright, vibrant colors.

I wanted to break down stigmas and stereotypes.

I very much enjoyed working with her and it was one of the best experiences of my life to see the smile on her face when I showed her the painting. I had the pleasure of meeting her loving, caring mother when I gifted her the painting later that month. Her family told me it captured their mother's spunky, care-free personality perfectly. I also had great reception from both my professors and classmates and I hope to continue this theme into my work in my Intermediate Painting class next term. I am so lucky that I now have Donna and I hope to continue seeing her when our chapter of GlamourGals at Lawrence University volunteers at Brewster Village."

- Written by Samantha, GG Volunteer from Lawrence University