An Unforgettable Makeover

"To begin, all of the FABULOUS volunteers were active, and tried to make conversation with the elderly, even though a lot of them had speaking disabilities, and chose not to talk. They did a good job applying the nail polish, and facials (even the guys!). 

The elderly were happy to have us! Honestly, all they needed to know, was that they were wanted, that we wanted to speak to them, get to know them, and that we enjoyed their company (which we did!)

All they need is a little bit loovvee!! 

I worked with three seniors: Florence (who fell asleep mid-way through the makeover!), Leon (who is a GREAT singer, and even sang for me!!) and Jenny (who was a bubbly woman with a playful personality to love!). All three of them were lovely. Leon was excited to be leaving the nursing home next week. He was 91 years old, and still had never taken off his wedding ring. He taught me wonderful things about love. "Once you've found the right one, no need to look anywhere else!". His wife passed away 37 years ago, and it was enchanting to see how strong his love is to this day. 

When we gave everyone the GG angels, the smiles and shock on their faces was one to see. Jenny, called hers a cute little dumpling, and could not stop looking at it and kissing it! (Adorable!). One senior who was quiet the whole time, smiled for the first time, when I gave her the snow angel.

It made my heart melt! 

I just want to give credit to my volunteers who attended today, for being so awesome. They learned fast, and put themselves to work even though they were secretly scared, someone was gonna yell at them! I love being president to such a lovely chapter. I can not wait for my next makeover, as always! After all, I did promise the seniors that I would come back for them!"

- Zahira, Chapter President in NY