An Eye-Opening Conversation about Education

About a month ago, I attended a makeover. This makeover was quite a “putting matters into perspective” experience for me. The lady, whom I apologize to as I have forgotten her name, sat with me and a fellow volunteer, and as usual, we began the manicure.

The main topic of conversation for us was education and school. We both agreed that schools in this day and age give too much homework after school; it takes away from students’ much needed free time for other activities outside of school. She was saying how students have lives outside of school, families, things to do, yet in the midst of countless work, they are forced to juggle school and their own personal lives.

But the real “emotions,” if you will, hit in when she told us her one heartbreak in life. She began saying how numerous people face heartbreaks, but her heart wasn’t broken by a significant other. Rather, she told us with great sorrow and remorse in her eyes that her heartbreak was not being able to continue her education, and attend college.

Simply walking in the hallways in school after this experience, and hearing so many students, myself included, complaining about homework, projects, and school in general made me think of her. It made me feel as if we take our education for granted. Sure, no one likes the thought of homework, but at least that means we attend a school and have the privilege to learn. To many students, not all but many, learning may be something that we are forced to do, and is mandatory, but there are numerous children and adults alike, who would much rather be in our shoes.

This makeover was an eye opener. It made me realize that we are truly blessed.

-Alexandra, GG volunteer in Queens