All Around the World

At our GlamourGals chapter's recent makeover, a friend and I were painting nails for a kind lady named Gloria.

As we were talking, I noticed that she had a silver bracelet on with a ton of little charms. Looking closer, I saw that each charm represented a country, with a symbol for that country on the front and the country's name on the back. I asked her where all of these charms had come from, and she said that she had gotten them while traveling around the world.

When we asked which countries she had been to, she amazed us with her answer: "I have been to every single country in the world, all two hundred of them!" Gloria had been a food critic and had traveled around the world to taste different cuisines. She told us about her adventures in many of these countries, from China, to France, to Saudi Arabia.

It was amazing to meet Gloria and hear her stories from all around the world!

-Hope, GG volunteer in Tennessee