Townsend Harris Gets Creative for Valentine's Day


Our Townsend Harris High School chapter celebrated Valentine's Day with the seniors they visit, making it a special day for all involved. Here are some highlights from their experience! 

"This makeover was very memorable. It was great weather for a beautiful Valentine's Day. Arriving at the senior center, we were once again embraced with the soothing aroma of Atria. We were directed to a cozy room, the ladies were there waiting for us. They were all beautifully dressed up, and it came to our attention that there was a special event that evening to celebrate Valentine's Day.
I then approached a lovely woman named Connie, and commenced on her manicure. As I started removing her nail polish, we chatted about the upcoming event and Connie began stressing about her attire. I assured her that she looked beautiful, and it so happened that we were matching!! Her persona changed and she had a hearty laugh.  [...]Seeing the smiles on all of their faces made this Valentine's Day so memorable. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my day any other way. Happy Valentine's Day!!" --Alicia

"As it was my second makeover of the year I was of course, really excited! This Valentine's Day was a special one because we got to share the love with the ladies at Atria. Seeing their faces light up with pure joy when they opened the small gifts we gave them warmed my heart. I was lucky to meet Theresa, and spend time with her as I painted her nails. She was delighted when she received her Valentine's Day gift and card. She had expressed to me that she had been feeling down lately because her close friend had been admitted to the hospital. The care and attention that we gave her with a simple, small and heartfelt gift and card reportedly "made her week." --Isabella

"Once again, I went directly to help Sylvia. I had not seen her in so long, I felt my face light up the same time I saw hers do the same. Even though I'd just had a Chemistry test that day, once I sat next to her and started talking to her, I just felt my whole body relax and I felt more at ease than I had been that whole day." --Crystal

"The Valentine's Day makeover was another one our most memorable makeovers. At Atria Senior Center, there was a Valentine's Day special dinner party, where all the senior citizens were to dress up and enjoy the night. The seniors came into the room we were waiting for them. They were excited to get all dressed up for the party.
Florence in particular looked so beautiful. The red dress seemed dull against her even brighter personality. She told me about all the people who were criticizing her for wearing such a beautiful dress. But I told her that it doesn't matter what others think, it's how she thinks. I asked her how she felt and she said, she was happy to be here, to be getting ready, to be talking to me. In that moment, I felt like we connected a lot because I realized that sometimes it's normal to feel a little insecure. Everyone feels insecure here and there but its all in their head. In reality, there is nothing to be insecure about." --Rabia


Jessica Wallin