Alexandra from Queens

This journal was written by one of our Queens, NY volunteers, Alexandra, who has been able to form a beautiful relationship with a senior who has Alzheimer's. We are so proud of our volunteers for their creativity and understanding, proving that small acts of kindness make a tremendous difference. 

When it comes time for the makeovers every other Tuesday, I get so excited because I simply love this club and what we do. This Tuesday, however, it was special, because it was Valentine's Day. Also, we partnered with another club  and it was really fun seeing everyone come together at this makeover.

I had my usual "client" if you will, Meriam. I've gotten to know her so well, though at each new makeover, I am quite simply foreign to her. I've understood, since I've been doing her nails, that she suffers from Alzheimer's. She may ask me a question once and ask me again a few minutes later. Every time when I ask her questions, I know what the answer will be. This makes me think of asking new, fun questions next time I see her and do her nails. What did you do when you were my age? What did you study? What were your endeavors? She's told me many stories of her travels, of the countries she's lived in and visited. Yet, perhaps next time I'll carry the conversation a different way. Nevertheless, I'm still very excited for the next makeover!

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