Advice from a Beauty Expert


Since 2001, Qosmedix has been generously providing our volunteers with disposable cosmetic applicators for our signature GG Makeover Experience.

Read more about Qosmedix and Sari's personal experiences in our interview with Sari below.

1. What part of your job provides you with the greatest feeling of reward? Qosmedix is a family-run business. My father started the company over 25 years ago. His dream was to have his children working in the company and to have family members carry on the business to the next generation. After many years of getting outside experience, both my brother and I, along with our spouses, all work in the company. Knowing that I had a part in fulfilling his lifelong dream is extremely rewarding to me. My father is still very active in the daily operations of the company, and having the opportunity to work closely with my family members is a very unique and fulfilling experience.

2. Qosmedix has been involved in GG for many years. In what ways do you feel connected to the GG mission? There are so many things I love about GG! The young girls that are volunteering their time to provide makeovers to women in senior homes are not just providing a service, they are providing companionship. That probably means just as much to them as the feeling they get after receiving a manicure or makeup application. It is particularly rewarding for us to be able to provide Qosmedix products for these services, because then we know the volunteers are using the highest quality, most hygienic tools which is critical in any environment.

3. What is one tip you would offer to someone who is interested in entering the beauty industry? After working in the beauty industry for 15 years, it will be hard for me to give just one tip! But, if you are serious about entering the beauty industry, there are specific programs that you can major in that will help you focus your direction (for example Fashion Institute of Technology has an undergraduate program in cosmetics and fragrance marketing). Experience behind a cosmetics counter is always helpful, and if you can land an entry level job as a receptionist or assistant at a cosmetics company, take it! You are sure to learn and grow within the company once you are given the opportunity.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Sari Sternschein is the Director Marketing at Qosmedix, a company that was started with the goal of providing high quality merchandise for cosmetic and salon industries. These products promote cleanliness and hygiene by eliminating cross contamination. The availability of these products is an essential part of the GG program in order to provide seniors with sanitary makeovers and manicures.