A Time of Love

This past week, our GG chapter members and I had the privilege of being part of two particularly fun makeovers! With it being so close to Valentine’s Day, we decided to buy the residents we visit carnations! The flowers came in different shades of pink, which I thought represented GlamourGals colors.

We also made the residents some wonderful cards! Klaire (our chapter vice president) and her service group made a ton of cute cards that really touched the residents hearts! I also asked my art teacher to have this year’s kindergarten class make cards for the residents as well. We thought it would be a cute way for the younger generation to show some love for our older generation. It was so precious to hear how excited the kindergartners became when my art teacher explained to them what they would be doing!

As soon as we finished painting someone’s nails, we would give them their flower and card as they were leaving. One of the first residents we had given the flowers to was so surprised that she laughed and kept saying “I did not expect this! That is SO NICE!” Another resident was so stunned that she asked “Is this REALLY for me?” She seemed to tear up for a moment before she responded with a simple “Thank you!” but the look on her face was absolutely priceless!

It really reminded us all why we do this…these little moments, these small gestures, they REALLY DO make a big difference in the life of someone else.

-Faith, GG volunteer in Ohio