A Successful First Makeover

All Smiles at this GG Chapter's First Makeover!

All Smiles at this GG Chapter's First Makeover!

"Today my Glamour Gals chapter had our first makeover.  As the president I prepared for it as well as I could and I got all of my volunteers prepared too. When we first arrived at the nursing home we went to the room that we were told to use and there was a game of hangman going on amongst the residents. The volunteers and I joined in and had a laugh with the women.

Finally when it was time to start the makeovers I was unsure how to start! I finally figured out a system to ensure that all of the supplies were passed around for everyone to use. It was difficult at first because we did not have enough volunteers for the amount of women who showed up but we made it work.

Towards the end of our first makeover a woman came in the room and sat down. I went over to her and asked if she wanted to get her makeup or nails done. She told me that she just went to the nail salon and got them painted but she wished she got them done by us. So I sat and talked to her for a little while. Her name was Irene and she was so kind and funny. I told her that we will be back next month and she said that she really hopes she remembers because she would love to come. When I told her it was time for us to leave she was sad but grateful that we were able to talk and have a nice time. I cant wait for our next makeover so I can talk to Irene and listen to her funny stories again."

- Carly, GG Volunteer from NY.

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