A Special April Makeover

We had such an amazing day we had with our lovely ladies! Smiles bloom as cherry blossoms in springtime when student volunteers enter the community room, ready to assist the residents of a nursing home located in Jersey City. The residents delightfully wave hello to all us with excitement in their voices as they choose their preferred nail polish colors. We are just as stoked to brighten up their days.

Our student volunteers are beautiful souls, both inside and out. Seeing our volunteers from our Saint Peter's chapter naturally interact and exchange stories with elderly residents is a true reflection of what it really means to serve others. The girls, and our "GlamourGuy," continue to impress me as role models to society because of their active engagement with the residents. We also have excellent support staff who appreciate the time that we spend developing relationships with the lovely ladies.

One of the ladies celebrated 75 years of marriage with her husband, who was also a resident at this same nursing home. He joined us in the past for GlamourGals sessions to accompany his wife. This resident told us that her husband passed away a few weeks ago and she started to cry. We hugged her and comforted her as she said, "Don't let them see me cry!" Our hearts break for this amazing woman and we are grateful that we could be there her. Our residents are very special to us.

Today, we had an extra special treat. Tammy, from the GlamourGals organization joined us. We were also joined by the son of Saint Peter's Professor DeGruccio. At the young age of ten, this boy decided to make homemade cookies for the residents. He wanted to personally deliver the cookies to the residents as an act of loving service. He was introduced to many kind souls, both volunteers and residents.

It is always with a bit of sadness that we say goodbye to the GlamourGals of this beloved nursing home, but we take comfort knowing that we will see them all again for the next GlamourGals session. We love them all so dearly and they love us too. Making these types of connections is what life is really all about. With an organization like GlamourGals, our connections with the residents are now possible.

-Jessica, GG volunteer in New Jersey