Rosa Cuppari: A Permanent Difference Within Yourself

Rosa won The Glammy Scholarship Award in the rally girl category last year, when she was a senior at Union Catholic High School in Scotch Plains, NJ.

Where Is She Now? Rosa is a freshman at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. She’s majoring in science, technology and international affairs (that’s all one concentration!). Rosa also happens to speak Italian, English, Spanish and she’s taking a class in Arabic this semester.

Rosa’s Advice For Graduating GG Volunteers: “Regardless of what you go on to do, you’ll come out of GlamourGals with a permanent difference within yourself,” she says. “It’s not something that starts and ends at a certain time. Every GlamourGal and every GlamourGuy should remember and appreciate the elderly that they spoke to. And try to keep that sense of generosity of your time and positivity in every aspect of your life, not just when you’re speaking to someone who’s in a nursing home. To keep that with you everyday in all of your interactions.”

Why Rosa Loves the GSA’s: “I love to see when the room is filled with all of these women and guys - people who really want to be there, who love GlamourGals,” she explains. “To have that kind of spirit in a room is a rare thing. It’s always an honor to see it.”

The Definition of a Rally Girl: “The rally girl is the enthusiasm of the group,” Rosa says. “I think a rally girl has to be the most positive member of the team and also just exemplify the mission of GlamourGals outside of the nursing home, so it’s not just about communicating with elders and bridging that gap with the elderly generation. The rally girl also has to bridge the gap between people who understand the GG mission, who love it, and the people who don’t know what GlamourGals does. So you really have to be outgoing and love GlamourGals.”