A newfound respect for those hardworking people.

So, what was I expecting when I got there? Namely to get college volunteer hours and to feel good about myself for "doing good" in the community, and to get life advice and cheered up by seniors. In a way, these expectations were realized, but by the end of my freshman year I came to realize it was much more than that: there were emotions connected with these elders' lives and not all of them were happy, and serving the community isn't about just looking good for college.

The life advice of seniors comes from good and bad experiences which I am bound to have myself. There are also those too handicapped to talk to me but still want their nails painted, shy ladies who like to talk, a man who played piano at Carnegy Hall, and lonely people who craved our company.

The more I visited, the more I realized: someday I will be old and this will just be a memory. The seniors who were at this nursing home deserved the best time and care they could get. I also realized that the staff who worked there cared for them 24/7, whereas I only was there an hour or two at a time. I have a newfound respect for those hardworking people.

Written by: Bethany, Vice President of New Jersey Chapter


Pictured: Bethany in signature hot pink for Glammy Scholarship Awards.