A Guest Blog By Lou Valerio: Mary

I got invited to a birthday party last month. I was traveling in Arizona and had no intention of returning East until Christmas. The party was scheduled for December 17th. I realized this was a party not to be missed. It was for a relatively new friend in my life. I guess we think of making friends as something children do or adding friends who are peers as we move through life's path. This is a little different. My friend Mary Weiford turned 90. Mary is my partner Josh's grand mom. Since the passing of her husband a few years back, Mary has returned to New Jersey to live in a wonderful senior home near her immediate family.

Josh and I have enjoyed our visits with her and I can say without a doubt that she and I have become true friends. She kids me and calls me "Hollywood" and says I should have been in the movies. Who wouldn't want to hear that? I have learned a lot about her life. Mary is an artist, she made honey, and she lived on top of a mountain in West Virgina. When I think about it, we are very much like any two friends getting to know another, which is nice.

Our friendship will be limited by time and physical limitations, but, no matter what, it's real.

That made me start to think, what Mary and I have isn't all that different than the friendships that develop between GlamourGals volunteers and the ladies they visit. Friendships grow at these makeovers. I think I understand more now as to how this wonderful thing called friendship works. The work of GlamourGals is something that the Marys of the world who are all alone need so badly. If you're a GlamourGals volunteer, I ask you to keep visiting. If you're a donor, please keep supporting.

If you're wondering about Mary's Party, it was great. It took place in a room filled with old friends and new and loving family from all generations. And as you can see in the pictures, Mary beamed with beauty and happiness. I love her dearly.

- Lou Valerio, Executive Board Member