A Glimmer of History From My New Friend Annie

Gina Figliozzi

Gina Figliozzi

At our last event, I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman named Annie. Annie was so funny, and she was very sarcastic.  She told me about her life, how she was a nurse and how she eventually opened up two colleges that are still around today that specialize in teaching nursing.

I thought back to the time where women were not represented enough in colleges, and how Annie was able to open up two.  If she could overcome the extremely tough milestones that she faced in her life, then I could definitely overcome mine.

It is always so nice to hear stories about different times and how things used to be, because it gives a glimmer of history that we learn about in class.  But it is not from a textbook, it is from someone who lived through it.  That's always really special!

- Gina F., Chapter President in Long Island