A few kind words

"This past Wednesday night I volunteered at the River Vale Jewish Home of Assisted Living, the local nursing home, and was delighted to meet a woman named Milly. Although Milly could hardly talk or move her hands very well, she still showed up that night to get her nails painted. I was inspired by this because even though it hurt for her to even move she still fought on and went about her day like she would any other. Due to Milly's condition she had her own personal nurse that sat with us the whole time and helped me paint Milly's nails. Milly couldn't support her own hands so she needed her nurse to hold them up as I painted the polish on.

At first I was very nervous because I didn't want to make Milly uncomfortable or hurt her, but her nurse reassured me when she said she could tell how much fun Milly was having. The rest of the night I talked to Milly about myself and she nodded along fully engaged. Working with Milly showed me how hard some people have it, yet they go out everyday and try to make the best of the situation. Milly hadn't talked the whole night, but as I leaned in to say goodbye she looked into my eyes and whispered a soft thank you. It was that moment that I realized why I love GG so much."

Written by: Olivia, New Jersey Chapter