Music and Makeovers



Melissa and a senior smile for a picture at a GG makeover

"The makeover two weeks ago was very fun I had a great time with the girls. We had music, snacks, coffee it was just a amazing time. I did manicures on two elderly woman and and they were so happy. I was matched with one of the elderly women and we had the same color sweater. She was very funny and nice! She would give me tips on how to do better nails. She said to start from the bottom and then go up I painted her nails pink. I enjoyed that session it was very fun.

I've been in Glamour Girls since my junior year and honestly this is the first club that I enjoyed. I love talking to elderly women and making them smile.They have so much to talk about and it's just so interesting. They make me smile a lot and laugh and make me feel great about myself. I don't mind getting up early on a Saturday to do makeovers on elderly women because I know it's worth it to see them happy. I cherish every moment with them."

- Melissa, GG Volunteer from IL