My Friend Marg

Alexis Curry University of Bridgeport GlamourGals Chapter President

My first makeover was an experience I will never forget. I interacted with many seniors but, one who stood out the most was Marg.

She was so humorous and just full of life. She was so excited to get a manicure she said she couldn’t remember the last time someone had painted her nails. She told me many stories of she and her husband, who is now deceased, and how much fun they had together. She expressed how much she missed him but, was thankful that he was no longer in pain.

We both shared with each other how we loved Los Angeles, California and wanted to go back. I really felt connected to Marg she is truly a gem. I cannot wait to go back so we can plan out trip to LA!

-Alexis C., GG intern & volunteer in Connecticut