5 Tips for Future GG Volunteers

Here are some of the most important tips I can offer to future GG volunteers as a member of this organization:

1. Take initiative. At the retirement home, sometimes there are more members than there are residents.  Be the first girl to approach a resident and offer your nail-painting services!

2. Introduce yourself. Never forget to say your name and ask for the resident's name!

3. Tell them where you go to high school. While this may seem random, I have met multiple ladies in the home that had family members who went to the same high school as me.  It is always cool to make a connection!

4. Be patient. Patience is so important in service.  Be kind, caring and considerate while you are there.

5. HAVE FUN! There is no point in just doing something for the service hours or a college resume.  Take advantage of the opportunity to be at the retirement home and give makeovers and make the experience fun!

- Laura N., Chapter President from North Carolina