2018 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Aly O'Lenic, Volunteer

Today's Glammy Finalist featured in our 2018 summer blog series is Aly O'Lenic, a GlamourGals volunteer from Sylvania Northview High School. In this blog post, she will be sharing with us stories told by Corrine, a resident she met at West Park Place. She also talks about how Corrine's story coincidentally connects with her own life.

What is a GlamourGals experience that has impacted a resident's day or life? How has that event or experience affected your own life? 

While attending our chapters' monthly [makeover] at West Park Place, I met a resident named Corrine. As I began prepping Corrine's nails to be painted, we started chatting about her life and how she got to West Park Place. She started by telling me about her family. I could immediately tell that she loved them from the look in her eyes. Corrine told me stories of her son, who had recently passed away. She glowed as she told me how proud she was of him, and that he was the vice-president of a university where he designed and built new dorm rooms and classrooms. As an interested high school senior getting ready to attend college, I asked Corrine what university he worked at. She then told me that he conducted all his work at Bowling Green State University, which is where I am planning to attend in the fall. She could even name specific buildings that he had helped to construct. One of those was the dorm rooms where I will be living next year! Corinne was so happy to be talking with someone who will be able to appreciate her son's work as she does.

I will remember Corrine and her stories of her family every time I walk into the front doors of my dorm.
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