2018 Glammy Finalist Blog Series: Fizza Aijaz, Volunteer

Today's 2018 Glammy Finalist blog is by Fizza Aijaz from Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. Read on to see how Fizza became more mature after befriending seniors!

Fizza Aijaz.jpeg

Within the last few years I am proud to say I have found a new home at GlamourGals Foundation. One example of this is my makeover with Nancy. Nancy is just like my grandmother. Every time I go, I have to make sure to greet her. She was the first lady I did nails for.  As time passed by, I can truly say we have created quite a special bond together. There is one memory that sticks out the most when I recall her name. It was just like any other makeover. Maybe it was my second makeover of the day when Nancy was sitting by herself. Even though I have done her nails multiples times before, Nancy could not recall who I was since she had lost her eyesight. 

For a long time we had a nice chat about various new books I had recently read as we both share a deep love for them. For Valentine's Day, we had written a letter for the senior citizens about how much we love them. After I finished painting her nails, I gave her a Valentine's card. Nancy asked me to read it to her. After I was done reading, she was very happy, and she even had little tears in her eyes. I put the letter in her wheelchair and comforted her. She gave me a sweet simile and thanked me for coming to the nursing home. I was filled with joy and sadness.  I told her she is like a grandmother to me and coming to the nursing home makes me a lucky individual who is able to have so many grandmothers.

Nancy told me that day that “half a loaf of bread is better than none.” Nancy gave a very cozy and loving warm hug and a thought to remember. I was having a very rough day and had gotten into a bad argument with my mother. We left off on a very bitter note but my selfish pride had prevented me to apologize. I forget how grateful I am to have my mother in my life. Nancy had shared her sadness about how much she missed her family. She wanted to return home but unfortunately couldn’t. I understood that every grandmother and every mother are all the same. All they desire is respect, attention and some love. Nancy's loving nature made me realize my mistake. The senior citizens at the nursing home have taught me important values to keep in my life. Seeing the smiles on their faces persuade me to work harder and be compassionate. I have become more understanding and eager to help others. The bonds with the senior citizens have heavy influences on strengthening my relationship with my mom and grandma. I have matured and grown mentally. In my rough days, I found comfort and condolences. The senior citizens have offered valuable lessons and showered me with words of wisdom. Thus, I will be forever grateful for my time spent there.

The nursing home is my therapy to withstand the turbulence of life.
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