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Over 90% of GG alumni view isolation among older adults a serious problem and 67% are interested in pursing a job with regular contact with older individuals.

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Over 97% of alumni improved their leadership skills and experienced personal growth because of GlamourGals.

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45% of alumni surveyed received scholarship and accolades because of the GG volunteer experience.

GlamourGals has inspired many volunteers to go into healthcare fields. Examples include_.png
I learned to lead a team of people in helping others. It was an amazing opportunity and it helped me build my communication and team-building skills. Organizing after-school meetings and helping prepare for makeovers allowed me to understand how to help people work together to benefit the community.
— Saddiya, NY Volunteer Alumna
Volunteers emphasize the unique opportunities GlamourGals provides to develop early stage leadership skills that they can leverage elsewhere..png